Thursday, July 5, 2007

Internship ending

This is our last but one day of work. So, I was just thinking to make a brief note of everything we've experienced here at Inforica.

It was really different but a nice one. In the starting, we spent most of our time learning C#, which we used in our project. Then, our Project Leader Kiran gave us overview as to what the project is. The project is for management of churches. For this we have to know a bit about church management. For every area we have a head church (called Parish) and some smaller churches under it. And all churches conduct many classes, masses and some undertake events like marriages, baptizing and all. So, we have to maintain a record of all these things. The analyzing and designing part was already done. We had to only develop the code.
So, this is with the project in brief. And then based on the client's requirements they have developed a architecture on which the projects works well. It took almost 2 days for us to get familiar with the architecture as we are not used to this kind. And the architecture is shown in the picture.

So, this is about what our project is.

And about the experience, this is really great. Everyone over here are friendly and could adjust quite fast. And Kiran used to guide us really well. If we were struct anywhere we used to ask him every time. Even for small things. And he also used to give in between some interesting questions regarding coding but fundamental ones to keep boosting our energy. I enjoyed them and also at the same time are useful.

Monday, June 25, 2007

June 25th

Today, after a long weekend we came back to office. Then we did data validations and stuff. This was a bit different. in the starting we did not understand anything, but now its fine. And I could complete data validations for Donations screen. Like, in the amount column only numbers should be entered. So, if the user gives wrong input then it will show a message telling to enter proper value and doesn't proceed further.

It was good doing this.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

June 20th

Today i tried to make some validations in the search screen and later tried to integrate the searchparishioner screen to all the record screens. Almost able to complete it.

Nothing much done!!

Today its a been a quite different day. I just made some finishing touches to the search marriage screen and cleaned up the code. Later i just had a small observation of the existing code to get a clear idea of how the data assigned to a entity through an value object getting stored in the database using all the workflows ,inparams and outparams and later how this saved data is taken out to show it through an UI.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

June 19

Today i have completed classes screen and just switched to search type screen an at the end of the day was able about to complete search operation.I hope i can complete clear operation tommorow.

This search screen is a bit different and interesting task and i enjoyed doing that..

June 19th...

Today I was just clearing all the screens which I have completed. Five screens are done completely but students and death are under development . The screens under search are quite intersting. Since we used some diferent approaches at some places inspite of what we wanted like serach popup and all, we need to do those things .